Minoh Falls in autumn

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minoh falls in autumn

Last year we went to Minoh Falls multiple times, even in autumn. But the time we went during autumn was a “light-up” (illumination) festival, so we didn’t get to see the autumn leaves. This year I wanted to make sure I could see it.

So pretty much every week I would take my bicycle to the foot of Minoh mountain, and walk to the waterfall. Week after week the colours got stronger and more vibrant. As nice as the Sakura (cherry blossoms) are in spring, I personally prefer the autumn colours.

minoh river with autumn colours
selfie at the falls
minoh falls shops

It surprises us how popular Minoh Falls has become. Doesn’t matter what season, the path is generally always full of people wanting to see the waterfall, and eat deep fried maple leaves. Yes, that’s a speciality of Minoh.

autumn leaves

It’s a shorter post than usual, but it was also a short little trip to a local sight we have seen many times before. The hike up to the falls is always a good one though. Especially now that most of the proper hiking trail is reopened.

So finally I was able to see Minoh Falls during autumn. The photos doesn’t do it justice though, it’s a lot more beautiful in person.

Next we are planning a trip to Kyoto to see the autumn colours there, before the leaves all disappear for the winter.

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