Sakura Season

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sakura season

The cherry blossom season is upon us. The time where everyone is seemingly happy. Everyone is outside, taking things slow, and taking photos of the Sakura, their dog and Sakura, their babies and Sakura, their car and Sakura… Anything with Sakura goes.

sakura close
sakur street

There is honestly not much to say about this short time in spring where the Sakura blossoms. Traditionally it starts in Kyushu, the southern part of Japan. Then the trees start blossoming across Japan until Hokkaido in the north about a month later.

A week after the trees start blooming, they will reach full bloom. So keep you eyes on the forecast. Yes, there is such a thing as the cherry blossom forecast. The last two years they have bloomed early, and this year, for some reason Osaka bloomed a full week after Tokyo.

sakura on tree trunk
sakura street

Enjoying the blooming Sakura trees is called Hanami, which literally just translates to “flower viewing”. So people will be out in the streets searching for the fullest bloom, going to parks and having picnics. It’s such a relaxing time in Japan.

sakura tunnel
sakura close
sakura below

There’s no doubt we will be out enjoying the Sakura next year as well. It’s definitely one of the must-do’s of visiting Japan.

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