Moose Encounter!!

moose encounter

This is the one post from our trip where we would really just advice you to watch the video instead of reading this blog entry.

Number one reason, we didn’t get a chance to take many pictures. What was supposed to be a day of exploring Trondheim, became one of the wettest days on the trip. Instead of going to the city, we decided to bypass it completely and continue north towards Helgelandskysten.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. During the night, it rained quite heavily and the tent leaked, and of course it only leaked on my side…

So at the first light we got up, threw everything in the car, tent scrunched up in the roof box, and hightailed it out of there!

flakk camping rain

Truth be told, we were laughing as we were packing up and running away from the rain. Maybe it was sleep deprivation, who knows.. But it was a funny situation to be in.

Even though this turned out to be a pretty bleak day weather wise, we covered a lot of kilometres. AND, we got to see a moose! Actually, three of them crossing the road.

There’s no pictures, but we do have them captured on video. We were on the E6 north of Hell (yep, that’s a real place!). We were overtaking a car on the 2 lane motorway when he was all of a sudden slowing down. Well that can only mean one thing really.. So we started slowing down as well, and then out of nowhere there’s a moose jumping the centre divider in front of us. Then a second, definitely a cow. Then comes the third, a young bull.

They disappeared into the forest on the other side of the road. It was a really amazing sight. I’m so happy we got to see it. We had missed out on muskox in Rondane, but the moose more than makes up for it.

And to be honest, that was pretty much it for the rest of the day. We continued north and managed to catch the first of many many ferries along the Helgeland Coast (Helgelandskysten). We ended up staying at the cutest campground for the night. I’ll include some photos of that since this post was pretty lacking in content.

camped up
smaller but cosy
Tired? Nooo….
cutest campground
cutest campground

Next up will be Torghatten. An incredible sight. We were not really too disappointed with this day after getting to see the moose, but if we were, Torghatten would make up for it tenfold.

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