Norwegian Road Trip – Prologue

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Welcome to the land of the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, the Salmon, the Fjords, the Oil, Peer Gynt and hundreds of black metal bands… This is Norway!

A quick little prologue before we get going. We started planning this road trip ages ago. Many things have been pinned on Google Maps we couldn’t possible cover everything on one trip. Especially since our visit to Norway wasn’t just about this road trip.

Our trip would coincide with my parents selling our house, and moving back up north to Lofoten, where they grew up. We would be helping with the cleanup of the house, and we’d bring some things and the car up north.

With that in mind, we had some constraints, and we ended up planning a trip that looked like this:

We’d depart Stryn, and head south towards Bergen. From there we’d go inland towards the old mining town of Røros. After Røros we would visit Trondheim, and then go north towards Bodø. We were around 50/50 whether we should go the main road (E6) or drive up Helgelandskysten. After Bodø we would visit Tromsø, before going back south towards Lofoten.

We didn’t want to make too many concrete plans. Personally I think that can really ruin a trip like this, so we just marked a few “must-see” destinations and decided to leave everything else up to how we felt in the moment and what we would come across on the way.

Without spoiling too much, it ended up being a trip with many highs and a few lows. Plans had to be changed, for better and for worse. We will definitely make many trips back to Norway in any case…

the opel zafira all packed up and ready to go

With the car all packed, we were ready to go tomorrow (01.07.2018)… It would be an interesting day.

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