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vestland vestland

Welcome to Norway! We’ve arrived in Stryn, and will soon be going on an epic road trip through the country. But first we are exploring the Nordfjord area. The weather in Stryn was not so good, but it seemed to be better further west, so we decided to head in that direction.

The first stop on our trip would be Kannesteinen. This rock has been shaped by the ocean waves, ice and rocks around it  for thousands of years, turning it into the hourglass shape it has today. The rock has sort of become the ”troll tongue” of the region, and recently easier access to the rock has been built. If you’re in the area we’d recommend taking a trip to go see it and the other sights in this blog post. Well worth it.


After Kannesteinen we decided to quickly stop by Refviksanden beach. We had intended to stop there and have a walk around, but it was a little bit too windy to really enjoy the beach this day.

Not too far from Refviksanden beach is Kraakenes Lighthouse. It was constructed in 1906 and lies on the western most tip of the Vaagsoy island. The lighthouse was automated in 1986, and now houses a restaurant and has rooms available for overnight accommodation. The drive to the lighthouse is really beautiful. The windswept landscape is really different to what you see further inland in the fjordland of Norway.


kraakenes lighthouse

The weather in this area is usually quite rough, so we were quite lucky to be able to enjoy this gorgeous summer day at the lighthouse…

kraakenes lighthouse

On the road down to Kraakenes, there are a few rest stops with picnic tables and rubbish bins. We stopped at one of them on the way back up the mountain. Our first roadside picnic in Norway!

roadside picnic

As the background shows, there are a lot of windmills out this way. They were erected in 2001 as part of the, at the time, largest wind power park in Norway. It’s quite an experience getting up and close to these.

windmills windmill

Then it was time to go to the last stop for the day, Selje. But on the way down from the windmill park, we had to stop and say hello to the locals.

the locals

Selje is a small village with around 650 inhabitants. The town is most known for the former Benedictine monastary located on the island of Selja. We didn’t really have the time to go have a look, but if you’re interested there’s a ferry that goes to and from the island.

selje beach selje church

After Selje it was time to head home. We really enjoyed our time in the western most parts of Nordfjord. The weather was great, the views were great, and Megumi got to meet some friendly sheep… Nothing to complain about. This area is also a part of Norway that still isn’t visited too much by tourists, so it’s really peaceful.

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