Maizuru Natural Culture Garden

maizuru natural culture garden

It’s always nice to have some common interests with your partners family. Especially nice when that common interest is a hobby you’ve had for many years, and they’re equally into it. This time that hobby is photography, and that brought us on a family road trip to Maizuru, and the Maizuru Natural Culture Garden.

maizuru natural culture garden

Maizuru is a coastal town located in the Kyoto prefecture with a population of around 83,000. The main attraction for our trip to Maizuru was the Natural Cultural Garden, which at this time of the year had Hydrangea in full bloom.

Approaching the garden, we were instructed to park at the 3rd tier of the car park, letting us know that it was a very popular and busy attraction indeed.


Entry to the garden was ¥300 per person, and we got a small leaflet and a map of the garden. We’ll let the photos do the talking for this post, but safe to say this was well worth the visit. The hillsides were packed with Hydrangea flowers in all kinds of colours. The photos honestly don’t do it justice.

pink hydrangea
blue hydrangea
white hydrangea

There were many trails to take, and even if a place was crowded, it didn’t take long for people to get lost in the flowers. So the photo opportunities were in abundance. So much so my memory card ran out of space. Taught me the lesson to clear my card before going on an adventure.

hydrangea and trail
blue and white hydrangea
flower and view

At the bottom of the garden there was a pagoda and toilets. A large crowd had gathered, and much to our joy there was an A Capella group performing.

After we finished at the garden in Maizuru we drove deeper into Kyoto prefecture. The scenery changed to deep pine forests as we drove along the winding roads through the valleys.

Eventually we ended up in Miyama Kayabuki-no-Sato. This is a little village that is famous for its traditional thatched roof houses. It’s such a lovely atmosphere here, and there are a couple cafes and a bakery “hidden” away in the village. The locals were very welcoming and friendly.

miyama thatched roof houses
thatched roof

We stopped by one of the cafes and had some lunch before heading back home to Osaka. We made sure to sign their guestbook and made a drawing as other visitors had done.

This was a really nice little family outing, and hopefully there will be many more to come as we continue to explore Japan.

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