Hiking to Minoh Falls

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hiking to minoh falls

Having recently relocated to Japan, it’s time to explore the new surroundings.

We’ve been really busy organising our move to Japan, so we have neglected our blog since October! But hopefully we will be able to update it more often from now on! The first adventure we’re going on is to Minoh Falls, in the northern parts of Osaka.

From Minoh Station it takes around an hour and a half to get to Minoh Falls. We’re taking a couple detours on the way to explore a bit more and have a look at the view from the foothills of the mountains.

view of minoh

The road leading up towards the falls winds its way through the valley, following the river. It’s not long until we get our first look at the Edo period architecture. These buildings are now home to cafes and restaurants.

edo period houses, cafe

A few minutes later we arrive at Minooyama Ryuan Temple, one of the oldest dojo in all of Japan.

minooyama ryuan temple

minooyama ryuan temple

After we finish exploring Minooyama Ryuan Temple we have to cross the river and continue along the old road and trail as the road leading to Minoh Falls has been damaged from a typhoon earlier in the year.

old building along the river

As we get closer, we start to feel the wind from the waterfall; really refreshing after the hike. The area around the falls have a cafe and even a hot foot bath. We spent some time relaxing around the waterfall before we started the return trip.

the path leading up to the falls

minoh falls

selfie in front of the falls

Once we got back down to Minoh we stopped by a public foot bath, which is a natural hot water spring, and free for anyone to use.

public footbath

If you’re in Osaka, we’d recommend taking the trip up to Minoh to get away from the busy city. It’s a really peaceful  and relaxing atmosphere compared to the CBD. If you’re lucky you might even be able to see the monkeys that roam the mountains.

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