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I don’t know of any other cultures where a specific day of the week is reserved for a specific dish, but in Norway, Saturday is “porridge day”!


Growing up in the countryside of Norway, I was not exposed to many other cultures and their cuisines. But after moving to Australia and experiencing various dishes from other cultures, I’ve come to realise that the Norwegian “Lørdagsgrøt” (translated to Saturday Porridge) is pretty unique. Where most porridges from the Asian countries are savoury, with a mix of meats and vegetables added. Norwegian porridge is a sweet dish with a topping of cinnamon and sugar. Usually served with cured meats like ham or “spekepølse” (cured sausage).


The flavours themselves are not the most unique part. Other countries have sweet porridges as well, but in Norway, Saturday used to be dedicated to porridge. The traditional “porridge Saturday” might not be as common as it used to be, but some families still serve porridge every Saturday. In schools, porridge is served just before the Christmas holidays. An almond is placed in the pot after cooking, and the student who gets the almond in their bowl wins a prize. Traditionally in a family, the person who found the almond had to clean the dishes. Porridge was also put out for the Norwegian Santa Claus (Nisse) before Christmas as well, in order to receive presents for Christmas. The difference between the Norwegian “Nisse” and the Santa Claus we have today is a story for another time.


Let’s cook up some rice porridge! It’s pretty much the easiest thing to cook ever, and takes about 40 minutes.. Let’s make enough for two, because sharing is caring… The ingredients you’ll need are:


  • 2 cups of white rice(白米2合)
  • water(水)
  • 1 litre of milk(牛乳1L)
  • sugar(砂糖)
  • butter(バター)
  • cinnamon(シナモン)


That’s it!! Some cured meat goes well as a side if you want to balance out the flavours.



Step 1: Make the rice according to the package. Use the “absorption method”.


Step 2: After the rice is done, add the milk and bring it to a light boil. 1 litre seems like a lot, but don’t worry…


cooking porridge

Step 3: Once it’s at a light boil turn the heat right down, and let it simmer until the porridge becomes thick. Make sure to stir it once in a while so it doesn’t stick to the bottom.


porridge is finished

Step 4: Serve! Fill up a bowl, add some butter in the middle, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. Grab a spoonful, dip it in the butter and put it in your mouth! Careful, it’s hot!


served on the table

delicious porridge

Hope it’s to your liking. If you’ve got leftovers, don’t worry, it’s a perfect opportunity to make rice cream… There should be a recipe for that on our blog shortly!


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