A trip to Wollongong

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a trip to wollongong

As the year was coming to an end, we decided to go on a long-weekend getaway. Escaping the busy city of Sydney for the beaches of Wollongong.


We caught the train from Central in the early afternoon, arriving in Wollongong around 2pm. From the train station it was a short walk to Adina Apartments, where we would be staying for 2 nights. After checking in we took a quick walk around the shore front, snapping some pictures and looking for a place to have dinner later.


in front of the light house

Adina Apartments won’t win any awards for their view, but the rooms are affordable and the hotel is well situated, a short walk from everything.


view from hotel

We started the second day by having breakfast on the balcony. Even though the weather wasn’t the best during our stay, we gambled that it would improve during the day. After breakfast we walked down to the beach, and followed it to the light house.

バルコニーで朝ごはんを食べ、2日目スタートです。残念ながら私たちが滞在中のお天気はあまりよろしくないとの事。ですが日中晴れる!と賭けました:)というより神頼みしました笑 朝ごはんの後、灯台目指してウォーキング開始~^^

marius walking on the beach

pointing at the light house

The weather improved during our walk and we were getting toasted by the summer sun. After we had walked up the promenade to Stuart Park, we crossed a small estuary and walked along the beach.


beach photo

megumi walking the beach

We found a little spot to sit down and rest. But it didn’t shield us from the sun and the wind. After a while we decided to head back and find a place to have lunch, as we were getting quite hungry.

しばしビーチで休憩:)のつもりでしたが、ガンガン照りつける太陽と強い風で ”もう戻らへん~?” となり、お腹も空いてきたしランチできる場所を探しました。

sitting on the beach

Back in Wollongong we found a restaurant that seemed to have favourable reviews, and we ordered a bucket of fresh prawns. They were truly delicious.


bucket of prawns

After lunch we retired to the hotel and had a well deserved rest. The day ended with a lovely dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant, and a bottle of wine back at the hotel.


view of the beach

Wollongong might not be the most exciting place to spend a weekend, but it is a nice place to go if you just want to slow down and relax. We checked out of Adina and had brunch at a small cafe, before we grabbed some snacks and got on the train back to Sydney.

ウロンゴンは週末を過ごすのにエキサイティングな場所じゃないかもしれませんが、もしのんびりリラックスしたいならピッタリな場所です。スナックをゲットしてシドニーに戻る前に、ホテルをチェックアウトしカフェでブランチしました。2泊3日のプチ旅行終了☆Happy Birthday Marius!!!!!!!!

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