Wendy’s Secret Garden

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wendy's secret garden

While Wendy’s Secret Garden is not a secret in itself, what you can find there goes far beyond what you can find in any old garden…


Wendy’s Secret Garden is located in Lavender Bay, a short walk from Milson Point train station, and Luna Park on the north side of Sydney.  There are many access points to the garden, but the main entrance is up the stairs from the old railway. Look for a big fig tree.

The garden has one of our favourite views of the harbour bridge, hidden behind the greenery.



view of the harbour bridge

selfie in the garden

Inside the park you will find a myriad of paths; mostly dirt, so avoid heels for your visit. The garden looks quite small on a map, but the way it is laid out, and the topography of the terrain means that you can spend a long time just walking around. The garden also contains many places to sit down to relax. The ample tree cover provides shade against the strong Australian sun.


We visited at the start of summer and the garden provided a lovely cool place to relax during the mid day heat.


paths through the garden

view of lavender bay

So why is it called Wendy’s Secret Garden? Well, all over the garden and surroundings there are artefacts of various shapes and sizes. Some of them are artworks, and some you have to really look for to find. Open the door to houses like this and see who’s home! We came to the garden from word-of-mouth and didn’t really know what to expect. But once we found our first “secret” house, the hunt was on for more.

でも何で”秘密の”ガーデンなんでしょうか?それは、このガーデンとその周りには色んな形や大きさのアーチファクト(アートによって作り出された物)がありました。いくつかの物は芸術作品で、その他には注意深く探さないと見つけられない物もありました。こんな感じで”誰の家や!”てドアを開けたくなっちゃいます笑 今回、私たちは口コミからここに来ましたが、何を期待して皆がこのガーデンに行くのか知りませんでした。けど最初の秘密の家を見つけたら、もっと他にも見つけたくなってました。

little house secret

lot of plant life

Wendy’s Secret Garden is a lovely tranquil place in the big busy city, and well worth a visit. Add brunch at one of North Sydney’s cafes and you can make a day of it.


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