A stroll to the Brick Pit

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Brickpit Walk

After Megumi came back to Sydney from a short trip to Japan, we decided to take a walk through our new local area and have a look at the Brick Pit in Sydney Olympic Park.


The weather wasn’t too bad so we took the long way through Sydney Olympic Park from Rhodes, along the Parramatta River.


walkway along parramatta river


bridge and yellow tree

The Brick Pit used to be home to the State Brickworks from 1910 – 1988. The walkway built as a ring above the site is 550m long and roughly 20m above ground. The ring has quite a few posters and infographics detailing the history, work carried out previously, and the wildlife that lives in the area now.


brickpit ring walk

Personally, while we are somewhat interested in history, the site is more interesting than the history itself. It provides quite a good photo opportunity with varying colours and contrasts.



brickpit ring wall

After we had walked around the Brick Pit we turned home, and walked through the Olympic Park Mangrove. When the tide is high, it’s a really nice walk to take if you’re in the area.

このリング状の橋をぐるっとした後、オリンピックパークのマングローブを通りました。潮が高い時に来たらもっとワクワクしたやろね~と言いながらGo homeしました。

sydney olympic park mangrove

Sydney Olympic Park is a great place to go if you’re a local or not. There are many good photo opportunities, local history, places to exercise, and there is even a great place to go bird watching. Sydney Olympic Park is our go-to place when we don’t feel like travelling all the way to the CBD for a picnic.


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